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Babylisspro Satin Smooth - Pure White Hard Wax (Hot Wax) 700g


€10.42 (Ex. VAT)

Babylisspro Satin Smooth - Pure White Hard Wax (Hot Wax) 700g€10.42In Stock
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700g tub. Pellets of wax that are to be poured into a wax pot insert and then placed into a professional wax heater. Pure White hard Wax with Arnica & Coconut is a high performance wax, designed for those who prefer traditional hot wax, particularly effective for Bikini or Brazilian waxing. It is formulated to a very tight specification combining low temperature application with high adhesive performance. Hot Film wax is one of the most popular forms of waxing currently being used by beauticians and therapists across the globe due to the ease and speed of use. Hot Film Waxing requires no fabric or Paper waxing strips at all, as the wax dries quickly, evenly and thinly and is very flexible. Hot Film waxes are applied as a thin and economical layer that maintains a flexible rather than brittle nature during use and removal. The addition of plasticides to the product ensures that the wax does not crystallize as it cools and allows the product to be removed as a pliable plastic sheet. It really is so easy and tidy you will not believe. A high performance wax for traditional hot wax users. Arnica is an anti inflammatory extract that promotes healing and calms irritation. Coconut is a natural emollient that is nourishing and fortifying, with a simply irresistible aroma. This wax is suitable for use on all areas of the body and is particularly effective on the Bikini area including Brazilian waxing and facial waxing. A Large 700g Per Tub